What we think

We do not want to sell everything under the sun. We sell exactly what you need, neither more nor less, and we deliver our products promptly and in perfect condition.

A small company with a huge stock
We can deliver promptly because of the large number of steel plates and coils we have in stock, and which we can dispatch promptly. Our capacity is your guarantee that you can obtain the required materials in record time.

This reliability of supply applies to both standard- and specialised goods.

We also have a large network
Should we nevertheless receive a request for materials which we do not stock, we can quickly procure the desired product through our network of business partners among commercial firms and warehouses in Europe.

The price is important
This applies to all customers, of course. We spend a lot of time and effort on identifying good products which are well priced, and our considerable network enables us to buy stock at extremely favourable prices.
When we acquire particularly attractive consignments, we sell at budget prices, so keep an eye out for them! We have new specials every week.

Close to you
Our main branches are located in Vejle and Jelling. As a service to our customers in eastern Denmark, we also have sales and service departments in Copenhagen.